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Kampung Quest is back with an all new set of Urbanites in this thrilling new season! Complete with high-octane action and intense drama, Season 2 is an emotionally-charged rollercoaster that tells the tale of struggle, defiance and triumph. It is a storybook adventure of 10 Malaysians set in the Great Malaysian Outdoors, battling it out to emerge the winner.

EP 1 Enter the Urbanites
10 Malaysians will compete in an action-packed adventure where they will face larger-than-life challenges.
EP 2 Two Sides of the River
Muara camp struggle to find their feet in the outdoors while the Obor camp reap the benefits of the kampung house.
EP 3 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
A despirited Muara soon face the Campfire. Obor fully embrace the kampung life, while Muara spends another rough day in the jungle.
EP 4 Self Sacrifice
Ashley and Jason adapt to their new camps. Obor and Muara face off in the Elimination Quest, ending with a dramatic turn of events.
EP 5 Gettin’ Down and Dirty
In the dead of night, a surprise announcement is made to Muara. Obor and Muara take each other to the ground in a brutal physical quest.
EP 6 True Calling
Revelations that come to light do not bode well for some. Tensions rise in Muara as they struggle to keep together.
EP 7 Torn Between Two Brothers
Both camps face a crucial Quest that tests their spirit and determination, leaving the losing camp in pieces.
EP 8 The Game is Always Evolving / Changing Lanes
With disharmony growing within Muara’s ranks, they face an intense Campfire.
EP 10 Live Together, Outlast Everyone
A revelation by Mia sends shockwaves to both camps and blows the Quest wide open.
EP 11 The Physical. The Mental. And the Social one.
As Kampung Quest descends into the last few days, the stakes are high as winning the individual quests grants exemption from the Campfire.
EP 12 The Final Two
With Dini exempted from the Campfire, who will she choose to bring along to the finals?
EP 13 The Worthy
The stage is set. The final two of Kampung Quest face their former urbanites at the Final Campfire.
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