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“Horror allows us to develop and explore our creativity and imagination across a broad spectrum,“ – Feisal

We created OhSnapTV more than two years ago in January 2018 as a platform to showcase our horror short films, all of which were written, directed and produced by the both of us.

OhSnapTV is a medium through which we experiment with storytelling, test out cinematic angles and provide a home for our nearly 30 short films already produced and more of which are continuing to be produced.

Some of the duo’s short films have made their rounds in the international film festival circuit with several having been officially selected.

Each short film is produced with a no-budget approach, single location and usually a maximum of 3 actors. A film is allocated to be shot in 5 hours or less, with post production taking about 2 days before it is placed on OhSnapTV.



Busan International Film Festival 2019 (South Korea)

Feature film: Angkat Project Market Participant


Luang Prabang Talent Lab 2019 (Laos)

Feature film: Angkat Aurora Producing Award


Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2019 (South Korea)

Feature film: Cremation Winner: Group Pitch


Asian Television Forum 2019 (Singapore)

Feature film: Angkat Project Market Participant


Southeast Asian Film Financing Project Market 2019 (Singapore)

Feature film: Angkat AV8 Award

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