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‘Fillet’ won the Special Award in the #kumanpictureschallenge short film competition. Nick Davis’ short film poses the question, ‘when food supplies are running out, and there is nothing to eat, what would you do?’
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Tell us about yourself
I’m an actor, singer songwriter and film composer based here in KL. Started my career as an actor after finishing Performing Arts school in 2008 but music has always been a big part of my life, so somewhere along the way, and with the help of technology, I trained myself to arrange and produce music which eventually led me to the path of composing for films. 

How did the idea and story of this film come about?

The story really came about when Eunice and I, stuck at home wondering what could be the worse that can happen in this pandemic that we are currently going thru right now. We had many wild ideas but ultimately, landed on this one based on the limited resources that we had.

What inspiration or references did you draw from in terms of other films, mediums, filming techniques?
The dynamics of the short film was actually inspired by the music I had in my head. So as we were shooting it, we had a good grasp on the pacing.  So when it comes to actually making the music for it, i wanted to emphasize on my character’s pain, loneliness and dilemma. 
When it comes to filming techniques, majority of it was dictated by our environment. Shots were angled in a way to give mystery and also to make full use of the natural sunlight we had.

What were some of the challenges you faced in getting this film made?

The challenge was how to make the short film scary without actually really showing the violence of cannibalism. So we made sure the situation was relatable, and a lot of the shots were crafted so the audience can imagine the horror in their heads instead with the help of sound, music and acting.

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