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Winner of #kumanpictureschallenge short film competition, Virus Mairus follows Neelakandan and his need for a drink. The short film follows his struggle of trying to score some alcohol amidst the MCO in Malaysia due to the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.
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Tell us about yourself
An architecture graduate, now, I am making films independently, collaborating actively with other fellow filmmakers from Padai Film Community (an intimate group of young filmmakers).

How did the idea and story of this film come about?

We have our Padai WhatsApp group and were hunting for ideas since the challenge was announced. One day, Mr.Shanjhey Kumar Perumal came up with thIs idea, quite randomly, but we all couldn’t resist the impact and immediacy of this story.

What inspiration or references did you draw from in terms of other films, mediums, filming techniques?

The main inspiration for doing this film was just to have fun. That’s in the back of our mind throughout the process, and this really helped.

As for the references, it is all from life. I have seen and talked to these types of alcoholic uncles in real life. In this film, I want to tell a horror story but I don’t want it to feel horror. Most horror movies indulge in the senses, bringing audiences inside the moment. Here, I intentionally stayed outside, as this created a sort of commentary and gave comic values to the movie, but still narrating fear.

What were some of the challenges you faced in getting this film made?

We didn’t face any special challenges in making the film, to be honest. It was very comfortable making this movie. But after making this movie, some relatives and family members informed their dissatisfactions (which is also valid). As the lead actor is also my father, the end sequence which shows the prayers for funeral hurt their feelings and sentiments. We are quite emotional people, yes.

To know more about the process of making this short film: click here

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