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Titus TJT is a photographer, videographer, and editor. After working as a graphic designer cum photographer in a fashion company for 3 years, he turned his focus to creative film making.

In the meantime, he participated in YAE!(YOUNG ART ENTREPRENEURS) programme initiated by the Nation Art Gallery with the role of photographic artist. Titus use his skill and constructive imagination in related specialized field to see how far he can go.

 In 2019, he worked with a Taiwanese artist for an exhibition in Taiwan by providing the media of photography and videography.

Idea and Story:
The idea suddenly came to my mind during the MCO period. Peoples are forbidden from exiting their homes during the order, which increase the usage of online platform. They seek a sense of presence in the online world, but in the meantime, it reducing the existence in reality. Hence I wrote a story about existence(by using a murdering method).

When I was young, I like to watch movies and reading comic. But what makes me remember the most is always the one with a strong message, it can be thought provoking or emotional trigger. Most of my ideas and concepts are inspired from Japanese manga, but when comes to filming video, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan movies are the major influences on the techniques(storyboard, angles, color grading and etc).

Usually for working purpose, I rent most of the equipment from others. For this time, I using a very limited resources to film this video, I use only 2 external lights that I found from my dad’s storeroom, it is not a proper video light, it is more like a spotlight and the color temperature is off, so I need to add color gel to correct it. Besides that, I am the only one who know how to works with the camera, so I have to set all the camera angle by myself and roll it by myself. Luckily my sister willing to assist me(without paying her anything), she help me to check whether the focus in on point or not, otherwise it would be much more time consuming.